Sake Making & Tasting

Sake and oysters are a natural fit. Some of the best sake is made in Hiroshima, Japan, one of the leading oyster producers in the world. To learn more about how oysters are grown in Japan, read our blog post.

At our Little Creek Market, we are always looking to learn more about oysters and the items that compliment them, like sake. This rice wine is brewed via a highly detailed process, which involves polishing the rice, then steaming and fermenting it before it is pressed and then filtered for drinking.

But that's really over-simplifying the process.

To truly learn about what goes into making your favorite oyster-accompaniment, join us on January 30th when Joto Sake will be here to educate you on the sake making brewing process.

For more videos on sake-making, click here.


Ian Wile

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