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Waterproof Field Notes- Expedition Series

We take tons of notes here at Little Creek Oysters.  On the farm, in the shop, at the brewery... We have also destroyed 6 ipads, 27 notebooks, a handful of good pens, the backs of several envelopes and reams of napkins.  That is a lot of vital, world changing thought, lost to the wet.  Enter Field Notes nearly indestructible Expedition edition.

Hi-visibility “Antarctic Survey Orange” front cover and “Polar Night Black” back cover, with a subtle varnish effect featuring a topographic map of Antarctica. The body pages feature our popular ‘dot grid’ graph paper, printed in light gray.

But the real innovation here is the paper. It’s maybe not even fair to call it paper. The whole book is printed on Yupo Synthetic paper, an amazing water- and tear-proof paper extruded from polypropylene pellets in Chesapeake, Virginia.

Note: Synthetic paper is nonporous and doesn’t absorb ink like our conventional papers. here are some tips about pens and pencils to use with these books:

Our new “Expedition” FIELD NOTES are pretty close to invincible, at least by notebook standards, but waterproof paper is nonporous and doesn’t soak up ink like most paper. That’s good in some ways (no bleeding, feathering, or show-through), but it does limit the writing implements you can use. Regular ball-point pens and pencils work fine, but pens that lay down a lot of ink, like fountain pens, rollerballs, and markers, don’t dry as quickly, and may smudge and/or come off on the opposite page (as seen in the last example in the photo).
Your “Expedition” 3-Pack is wrapped in a bellyband made of the same Yupo paper that’s in the books, so (after trying to tear it!) you can test your pens there and see what works best.


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