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Are you part of the oyster growing community on the East End of Long Island?  Whether you have been at it for generations or are one of the new leaseholders, we want to hear from you.

Simply. We are oyster farmers and we are building what we hope can be a premier market to present the results of your hard work.  We love to have you tell your stories to our visitors, if you want, or are happy to carry your message with as much vigor as we carry our own.  It is our firm belief that while we are all in essence competitors, we have so much more to gain by showcasing the incredible taste and bounty of our waters. Additionally, we are shipping our local oysters around the country to great reviews.

Take a look through some of the blog pages on this site for a look at a couple of the growers we have highlighted.

As a small farm ourselves, we know it can be hard to meet a steady demand as a startup.  consider us a potential vibrant local market who is willing to take even small, or irregular deliveries and feature the shells while they are here.  We like our visitors to understand that these are not manufactured products but exist at the whim and will of nature and human effort.

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If you'd like to set up a meeting contact us via the form or:

Ian or Rosalie

Little Creek Oyster Farm

Ph: 631-477-6992


Or just come for a visit!  



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