LCO BOX: Little Creek EDC

LITTLE CREEK BOXES: Because opening is half the fun.

What's in your pocket? Upgrade your every day carry game- use your pockets for good, not evil!


The Corter Leather Patented Bottlehook® is a simple and beautiful belt loop key hook that also opens bottles. (All Bottlehooks carry a lifetime warranty against breakage.)

Solid Brass version is not plated- solid brass and is slim and strong, polished. 

Hook cast in California, hand cut and stamped leather tab, simply write your info in ink on the front or back (for black tabs), Solid copper O-ring made in Montana.  Assembled in New England. 


We've selected on of our favorite R. Murphy Oyster Knives for this kit.  Basic, clean, rugged and iconic.  The wood handled New Haven knife was named the "Best Oyster Knife in America" by Cooks Illustrated.


Record your adventures in style in the waterproof pages of our Field Notes Expedition books.  These work great with any of-the-shelf ball point or upgrade your kit with a Fisher Space Pen.

We use these extensively on the farm, on the boat and wherever we roam.  The book below has a killer recipe for a rum drink we vaguely recall.


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