The Oyster Bed

The Oyster Bed is a daring new take on the frilly oyster plates of old.  This versatile platter can go from chillin to grillin.   Great for chargrilled oysters- shucked or unshucked - but also clams, shrimp, wings and more.  The unique 'gutter' and reservoir collect all the great juices for the big bread dunk.  You could even finish an 8oz steak in there! 

The Oyster Bed comes in two versions- 6 and 12 well sizes.  Both come shipped in an unique burlap sack and have a recipe booklet to get you started.

These make great gifts, but caution- you may just need an extra one for yourself!



Brothers Tommy & Adam Waller have grown up with a deep-seated appreciation for the coastlines and estuaries of our great nation, while developing a passion for the culinary arts, product design & sustainable coastal living. With careers in both Military and Public Service, the Waller brothers bring their personal innovation and passion of service from those arenas to the industries of cookware design and coastal restoration.

The Oyster Bed was born out of a Waller family tradition whereby the entire family gets together in advance of Tommy’s overseas deployments to share quality time, quality drinks, and quality seafood!  Prior to Tommy’s deployment to Africa in 2012 the family’s November 2011 gathering produced this idea.

They set out to turn this important family time into something to be shared, to be MADE.  Starting with a Kickstarter campaign, they pursued this project and we couldn't be prouder to add the Oyster Bed to the list of Little Creek Oysters favorites. 


Durable and Light Weight - At a fraction of the weight of cast iron (2lb 1oz for Le Petite and 4lb 6oz for Le Grande), The Oyster Bed cooks and heats food evenly like cast iron but without the need for “seasoning,” the worry about rust, or the concern about weight.  It retains heat like cast iron, keeping foods hot for approximately 20 minutes.
Grill and Oven Safe - The Oyster Bed can be used over direct flame on the stovetop or campfire.  It can be used in the oven on “bake” or “broil” and can be used on any type of BBQ Pit, whether charcoal or gas operated.   This special metal alloy can withstand temperatures up to 1000F.  It's been vigorously tested against thermal shock capabilities and proven to live up to the demands of repeated heavy use on the grill.
Freezer and Fridge Ready - The Oyster Bed can be frozen to serve chilled halfshell oysters, cocktail shrimp, deviled eggs, etc.  It stays cold for approximately 20 minutes when the tray is frozen prior to serving.  
Safe and meets FDA Guidlines- Our cookware is non-toxic and meets FDA guidelines for cooking and serving foods.
Easy Cleaning - The Oyster Bed is easy to clean with warm soap and water.  It is best if allowed to soak for a while prior to scrubbing. (We do not recommend using it in a dishwasher because certain detergents can affect the metal adversely and ruin its “luster.”)   When we have catering jobs where we must clean The Oyster Bed rapidly to be ready to serve again in a matter of minutes we actually use a brass brush drill attachment and cordless drill to “polish” it clean, ensuring that we thoroughly wash the metal after mechanically scrubbing off the food. 
Easy Care - The Oyster bed does not need to be “seasoned” like cast iron or even stored in a way to prohibit rust/corrosion.  Over time, especially when cooking over open flame and camp fires, it will gain a nice looking “patina.”  However, it doesn’t require any “babying.”  It can be tossed in the cabinet, garage, or even left in the BBQ pit outdoors and it’ll be ready to cook when you are.  Because it really is a beautiful piece, though, we added holes to the handles so it can be hung in your beautiful kitchen too!