Oysters at the Market: Peconic Gold Oysters

We first met Matt Ketcham of Ketcham's Seafarm while on the lookout for other Peconic Bay growers to showcase in our Market. While relatively new to oyster farming, Matt is arguably the hardest working guy on the water we know.

With an unbeatable work ethic, strong commitment to the future of Peconic Bay oysters, and a collaborative mindset, we knew immediately that this was a guy -- and a product -- we wanted to work with. 


And his Peconic Gold oysters prove it. With Matt hitting the "oyster gym" on a near daily basis, the Peconic Golds are grown in underwater cages, and regularly tumbled and sorted to encourage a uniform shell shape with a beautifully deep cup and solid shell.

Grown in shallow waters of the Great Peconic Bay, the Golds feature mild brininess, a sweet, creamy complexion, with hints of minerals and the edible gracilaria seaweed that grows around the oysters.

They are a regularly featured oyster here at the Market, and we look forward to many more seasons of shucking together.




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