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  • This is a personal call for your support, needed NOW MORE THAN EVER.

    Why Join Long Island Farm Bureau?  
    What if I am not even a farmer?  
    Do you eat? Swim? Fish?
    Some current, very pressing issues:
    Sea Grant faces total elimination in the current budget.  NOAA would be crippled. Scores of vital climate change studies and decades of bipartisan progress towards clean waters, safe practices, water quality monitoring and more are under fire.  
    There are a number of strong organizations that can and will carry important messages to members of our Federal, State and Local governments.  Long Island / NYC's unique geography makes these cuts especially painful.  This makes Long Island Farm Bureau membership especially vital right now.
    LCO Founder Ian Wile is a sitting member of the Board of Directors of Long Island Farm Bureau, one of the more powerful policy influencing organizations in NY, representing the needs of all downstate agriculture.  We continue to represent the the benefits of oyster farming to the Board, our community, environment and economy.  We fight for attention among the greater Ag community and policies.  
    The LIFB Lobby team that crawled the halls in Albany in March 2017.
    Join Little Creek Oysters in continuing our effort to change the way we think about farming.  We are hoping to demonstrate our strengths via growing the voice of those who support shellfish farming, aquaculture and sensible agricultural practices.  We will extend your voices to LIFB, and our government representation.


    Please join today and then please send an email to to let us know you have joined and we can keep you posted on these activities.
    There are a ton of member discounts and perks, but we are asking to join to support agricultures place on Long Island, on land and in the water.  
    However, take a look HERE for a look at some of the perks.
    Thank you for your support and please reach out with any questions.
    Long Island Farm Bureau is a county Farm Bureau in New York State, and is affiliated by agreement with New York Farm Bureau.  Long Island Farm Bureau programs and services are available only to Farm Bureau members within Long Island. The political views expressed in these pages represent the Long Island Farm Bureau's position on various issues as they relate to Long Island.

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  • Little Creek Off-Site Events

    Let Little Creek Come to You!

    We offer an array of off-site options so you can present a truly unique event for your guests. Availability and pricing vary per event, please email with event requests.

    Little Creek Raw Bar

    Fresh local oysters, maybe throw in clams and shrimp too. We'll bring our house-made condiments and Little Creek flair. You won't have to shuck a thing!

    Shuck-Yourself Event

    Make your event about more than just food -- give your guests a skill to last forever! We'll come and teach your guests how to shuck oysters. We'll provide all gloves, gadgets, and knives -- you provide the space and guests willing to get up close and personal with their food! 

     Oyster & Wine Pairing - a Locavore's Delight!

    Going for a more sophisticated touch? We can offer a wine and oyster pairing that your guests won't likely forget. Using well-curated local wines, we'll guide your guests through a tasting of regional oysters & wines intended to complement each other.

    Tasting cards and books will help track your preferences, and there's no harm in coming back for seconds!

    *non-local and/or sparkling wines or sake also available for pairing.


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  • Little Creek is Hiring!

    Want to join our crew of fun-loving, hard-working oyster-enthusiasts? Let us know!

    We are currently hiring for the Summer / Fall 2016 season.

    Must be willing to work hard, love being outside, and enjoy working in a busy, team-oriented environment. Oyster-shucking skills preferred, but not required.


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  • Sake Making & Tasting

    Sake and oysters are a natural fit. Some of the best sake is made in Hiroshima, Japan, one of the leading oyster producers in the world. To learn more about how oysters are grown in Japan, read our blog post.

    At our Little Creek Market, we are always looking to learn more about oysters and the items that compliment them, like sake. This rice wine is brewed via a highly detailed process, which involves polishing the rice, then steaming and fermenting it before it is pressed and then filtered for drinking.

    But that's really over-simplifying the process.

    To truly learn about what goes into making your favorite oyster-accompaniment, join us on January 30th when Joto Sake will be here to educate you on the sake making brewing process.

    For more videos on sake-making, click here.

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  • Montauk- the land of East End surfing, legendary surf fishing and beach culture.  These oysters carry the promise of a late summer beach bonfire with cold beer, good friends, and just less than the appropriate amount of clothing. 

    Montauk Pearls are grown on the surface of Napeague Bay in Montauk, NY.  This type of floating culture helps keep the oysters in food rich topwaters, with an added bonus of clean, naturally "tumbled" shells that help contribute to their uniform shape and deep cups.

    Towards the end of the grow out cycle is when life gets interesting for these shellfish.  They are taken out into Block Island Sound where the rougher water builds up shell strength and the higher salinity gives these oysters an incredible salty finish.


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  • We first met Matt Ketcham of Ketcham's Seafarm while on the lookout for other Peconic Bay growers to showcase in our Market. While relatively new to oyster farming, Matt is arguably the hardest working guy on the water we know.

    With an unbeatable work ethic, strong commitment to the future of Peconic Bay oysters, and a collaborative mindset, we knew immediately that this was a guy -- and a product -- we wanted to work with. 


    And his Peconic Gold oysters prove it. With Matt hitting the "oyster gym" on a near daily basis, the Peconic Golds are grown in underwater cages, and regularly tumbled and sorted to encourage a uniform shell shape with a beautifully deep cup and solid shell.

    Grown in shallow waters of the Great Peconic Bay, the Golds feature mild brininess, a sweet, creamy complexion, with hints of minerals and the edible gracilaria seaweed that grows around the oysters.

    They are a regularly featured oyster here at the Market, and we look forward to many more seasons of shucking together.




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