Little Creek Oyster Farm & Market

  • Little Creek Off-Site Events

    Let Little Creek Come to You!

    We offer an array of off-site options so you can present a truly unique event for your guests. Availability and pricing vary per event, please email with event requests.

    Little Creek Raw Bar

    Fresh local oysters, maybe throw in clams and shrimp too. We'll bring our house-made condiments and Little Creek flair. You won't have to shuck a thing!

    Shuck-Yourself Event

    Make your event about more than just food -- give your guests a skill to last forever! We'll come and teach your guests how to shuck oysters. We'll provide all gloves, gadgets, and knives -- you provide the space and guests willing to get up close and personal with their food! 

     Oyster & Wine Pairing - a Locavore's Delight!

    Going for a more sophisticated touch? We can offer a wine and oyster pairing that your guests won't likely forget. Using well-curated local wines, we'll guide your guests through a tasting of regional oysters & wines intended to complement each other.

    Tasting cards and books will help track your preferences, and there's no harm in coming back for seconds!

    *non-local and/or sparkling wines or sake also available for pairing.


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  • We first met Matt Ketcham of Ketcham's Seafarm while on the lookout for other Peconic Bay growers to showcase in our Market. While relatively new to oyster farming, Matt is arguably the hardest working guy on the water we know.

    With an unbeatable work ethic, strong commitment to the future of Peconic Bay oysters, and a collaborative mindset, we knew immediately that this was a guy -- and a product -- we wanted to work with. 


    And his Peconic Gold oysters prove it. With Matt hitting the "oyster gym" on a near daily basis, the Peconic Golds are grown in underwater cages, and regularly tumbled and sorted to encourage a uniform shell shape with a beautifully deep cup and solid shell.

    Grown in shallow waters of the Great Peconic Bay, the Golds feature mild brininess, a sweet, creamy complexion, with hints of minerals and the edible gracilaria seaweed that grows around the oysters.

    They are a regularly featured oyster here at the Market, and we look forward to many more seasons of shucking together.




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  • Oysters at the Market: Peconic Pearls

    We love Peconic Pearl oysters. Not just because they are a truly awesome Peconic Bay oyster, but because the Pearls are also an oyster on a mission.

    A portion of the profits generated from Peconic Pearl sales are contributed to environmental projects that benefit the Peconic Estuary. It's a win-win contribution, as anything that helps make the Estuary a better place, usually contributes to producing a better oyster. The minerality of the Bay resonates distinctly in the sweet & briny flavor of the Pearls, making them a requested favorite on the North Fork and beyond.

    The Noank Aquaculture Cooperative, who grow Peconic Pearls, also contains a modern marine hatchery, which produces oyster seed (spat) for other growers in the area. 


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  • Oysters at the Market: Lucky 13 Oysters

    Lucky 13 oysters are one of the most beautiful oysters we've seen. Grown in floating cages along the water's surface, they are regularly baked by the sun giving their shells a polished white glow. 

    As they're from the Great South Bay, they are genuine Blue Point oysters with a refreshing crisp, briny flavor.

    Another relative newcomer to oyster farming, we're looking forward to future seasons with Lucky 13 Oysters and grower Matt Welling.


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  • Up the Bloody Creek:

    The OFFICIAL Bloody Mary of Little Creek Oyster Farm

    Truth be told, the ideal Official Little Creek Bloody would be to simply walk into NYC's St. Regis Hotel (arguably the headwaters of the drink itself), sit at the King Cole Bar, order up a bloody bull or red snapper. Then you would whip out a Little Creek shucker and a handful of our freshest oysters.  Shuck em right there at the bar, because you are that badass, and pour the brine into the drink.  Until one can achieve that level of awesome, we believe that what follows is the recipe for one of the best damned bloody mary cocktails in existence.

    At Little Creek we are firm believers in the power of the Bloody.  The mix of flavors can restore the foulest of heads to an upright position.  Everyone has their argument for what should and shouldn't go into a bloody and of course everyone is right.

    Our recipe has great fresh ingredients, small batch condiments, and most importantly the beautiful taste of the sea itself coming from a freshly harvested Little Creek Oyster.  The following recipe makes 4 servings.  (Note we did not say serves 4- you might just knock out all 4 yourself.)

    4 oz gin (or vodka)
    16 Oz V8
    3 tsp Worcestershire sauce
    Juice of 1 lemon
    Splash of soy sauce
    A&B American Style Pepper Sauce
    Holy Schmitt's Horseradish
    Fleur De Shell and cracked pepper.
    4 Little Creek Petites

    1. In a 32 oz. pitcher add a generous scoop of clear ice cubes, add gin, vegetable juice, lemon juice, soy and Worcestershire sauce.  Stir throughly.

    2. Add A&B American Style Pepper Sauce for flavor and fire, Holy Schmitt's prepared horseradish (trust us.)

    3. Add Fleur de Shell sea salt and cracked black pepper to taste.

    4. Shuck 4 of the freshest oysters you've ever eaten and pour all the briny liquor into the mix.  Stir.

    5. Pour into cold mason jar with flecks of Fleur de Shell on the frosty rim, add ice if needed. 

    6. Pour 1 tsp of the mix on to each oyster to serve alongside the cocktail.

    (This bloody goes great with a full plate of cold, fresh oysters.  Don't be shy, shuck more!)

    Shuck, slurp. sip. repeat.


    AB Pepper SauceFleur de Shell



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